All her

Without her, I wouldn’t be me.   IMG_1931

I came to motherhood later in life, almost at the point of biological-no-return. And I had thought nothing of it. I loved my life. I never felt the imperative to get married and have children. I had finally come to a point in my career where I felt that I had finally “arrived.” I loved my independence and freedom.

Then, I met V. And my life took shape in totally exhilarating and unexpected ways. Within a year, little A came into my life, a gift from the universe who knew better than me what I needed.

I didn’t change when I became a wife and mother. But now, I see how and why I am the way that I am.


2 thoughts on “All her

  1. Thanks!

    Maybe it’s because I have a daughter. If I had a little boy, I might not have written that last sentence. When I saw aspects of myself replicated or reflected in a little person that loved me unconditionally, it forced me to be more generous with the things that I didn’t like about myself lest I pass on those same issues or feelings to her. And seeing her love of words, literature, craft and art is a window into how excited and fun I found all these things as a kid, which kind of got lost during my teenage and early adult years when I was more concerned with fitting in and/or finding a “career.” Similar to your previous post of listening to your fifteen-year old self, having her reminded me to listen to my younger self.

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