Leaving home

The countdown has begun.

We put our house up on craigslist, and in less than a week it was rented. I know I should be relieved. That is a big thing off our to-do-list, and now we can continue to pack and 1) not worry about keeping our house in an unrealistic state of cleanliness; 2) not have to worry about paying for two places because we couldn’t find renters; and 3) be grateful that we found such awesome tenants.


We have lived here the past five years. This is the house that little A was born in. This place is the longest I’ve stayed in since I left home at 18.

The speed with which everything is happening leaves little time to adjust to the reality that we are moving. It is an uncompromising fact, and I am feeling sad and nostalgic for a place that we haven’t even left yet.


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