A momento

My daughter goes to a Montessori school, and I love how the Montessori approach cultivates a tactile awareness of the world. The emphasis on practical life and sensorial activities ground the abstract ideas that children learn later in life to the materiality of the Now.

As a going away gift to her classmates, I wanted to leave a little something for Little A’s darling Montessori school, where they learn to finger knit while listening to Little House on the Prairie. The image of five and six year-old children quietly at work while immersed in the story is too sweet to bear.

I want to be a part of that scene and share in the pleasure and pride in creating with one’s hands, and so I spun this blue faced leicester roving from Woolgatherings into a three-ply yarn. I hope that whenever her friends and teachers work with this yarn and feel its spring and plushness, they will remember little A and feel how much she loved them.
I am feeling sad for Little A. She doesn’t know it yet, but she will miss this place.


Handspun in the sun


A 3-ply hand spun cardigan for little H. I’ve made another version of this darling sweater before. It was the “gateway” pattern to my yarn and knitting addiction.

I love the fiber from SweetGeorgia Yarns. I tried to separate the fiber into three sections that sort of mirrored each other. I wanted to capture the gradient effect though I wasn’t quite willing to break the fiber into smaller sections. This is my haphazard approximation.

This sweater is so soft, so squishy, and so full of spring. I wish I could shrink myself and snuggle in it.

Where have you been all my life?


My first silk hankie. I can see that this will be addictive.

This is Blue Moon Fiber Arts’ “Tina’s Silver Lining.”  It is like a Turner painting. Except that it’s in 3-D. And you are allowed to touch it.

IMG_1218  (Silk hankie)

Joseph Mallord William Turner Paintings Art 38  (Turner, Waves Breaking on a Lee Shore)

I love the crackle of the fiber being pulled apart. Who knew that these filaments can create such energy and music?


More pics to come.