Less is More

This is what I see as I sit at the dining table knitting:


And I am overwhelmed with joy and gratitude that this is my life.

Ever since we moved from our three-bedroom house in Portland to our one-bedroom apartment in San Antonio, we have been marveling at how relaxed we feel. Free of the clutter of knick-knacks and house maintenance, we have time and space for playing, exploring and creating.

There are still a lot of things we can get rid of if we want to continue to simplify our lives, and that is something that I will be working on this year. But this forced down-sizing has given us the chance to experience first-hand what so many have already said–that de-cluttering is liberating and that we don’t need all the space we think we do. The richness of our daily lives prove thats that bigger is definitely not better. We can clean the apartment in about an hour, which leaves us time for moments like this.

I won’t lie and say that I don’t miss some of the things that we had before, namely our garden and home-grown vegetables and a basement where V can make music with his friends. But, these are not insurmountable things. If we were staying here longer than a year, I would be looking for a community garden and V could probably play in someone else’s basement. And, frankly, that could be a plus.


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