Sweater in July

Since moving to San Antonio, I’ve been knitting like a fiend. I’m taking this time to really try and learn the craft of knitting, and there is just so much to learn.

I finally completed a sweater for myself. Just in time for the 100+ degree  weather we will be getting in August. I don’t care. I love it. And I have worn it out a few times already. IMG_2654

This is Hannah Fettig‘s Trail Jacket. I love the elegant, simple spare lines of her designs, and I already have a ton of her patterns queued up on ravelry.

It’s meant to be a jacket (obviously duh-noted!), worn loose and boxy. I decided to knit it with some negative ease so that I could wear it more like a regular cardigan.

This is a quick knit and a real confidence booster. I learned a lot from knitting this simply designed sweater. I am liking the raglan sleeve knitting from the top down. I don’t know how to seam yet, but I like that I can try the sweater on as I knit and then gauge how I want to modify it. I’m filing this project away for possible future modifications.


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