Fiber Stalker

I’ve become a stalker.

Ever since I discovered indie dyers such as Hello Yarn and Southern Cross Fibre, I’ve been lamenting the fact that I came upon spinning too late when these dyers’ fiber clubs are already maxed out and their waiting lists impossible to even get on. The only way to sample their amazing fibers and colors has been to hope for a destash posted on ravelry.

Then, I discovered that Hello Yarn, Southern Cross Fibre and Spunky Eclectic were joining forces for a special event. They were going to draw from the same inspiration photo and then dye their version of it. These bumps will then go on sale at staggered times on their respective sites.

Here is the inspiration photo followed by the different interpretations:


SCF_medium  Southern Cross, “Sirens”

HY_medium  Hello Yarn, “Oxygen Deprived”

SE  Spunky Eclectic, “Mermaids Wear Lipstick Too!”

Southern Cross went on sale yesterday afternoon and Hello Yarn went on sale this morning. Spunky Eclectic is coming up, but I don’t think my nervous system can take it!

I have been on pins and needles the past two days, agitated and anxious. I played out various strategies and scenarios in my head as to what to do when the sale began.  I paced and watched the clock counting down. I put Little A in front of the TV so she wouldn’t disturb me. Then I waited at my computer and practiced my “refreshing” technique and refreshed and refreshed and refreshed and refreshed right up until the “Add to Cart” button popped up and the sale officially began. I managed to get 8 oz of Southern Cross but only 4 oz of Hello Yarn.

Did I say only 4oz of Hello Yarn? I should be grateful that I even got one. Everything went in less than a minute, and I’ve become an official fiber stalking freak. I am disappointed that I wasn’t able to get more, and I am still jittery from all that adrenaline.

There are many who wear their fiber obsession with pride. And I wish I could do the same and not feel this guilt and ickiness. I am definitely obsessed as V and even Little A will attest. But, since one of the reasons I wanted to start knitting and spinning was that I wanted to have some distance from consumerism and materialism and to focus on the process of making as opposed to buying, all this stalking and stashing is making me feel uneasy. I’m just redirecting my materialism and dressing it up as “homemade.”

Of course, there are infinitely more pluses to buying from independent artists and supporting them as opposed to buying from chain stores and multinational corporations. And I respect the work that these artists do. But, I’m not liking my own feelings of “needing” more and more fiber, especially fiber from specific dyers that are hard to come by. And I don’t like the fiber frenzy and fetishization that I am both participating in and also perpetuating.

There has got to be a saner and more moderate way.


4 thoughts on “Fiber Stalker

  1. I love Southern Cross Fibre too and have managed to get a couple of skeins through destashes on Ravelry. You really scored on your fiber for the special event! I don’t belong to any fiber clubs; I have a couple of favorite indie dyers. One is Raven Ridge Fiber in Montana and Sweet Grass Wool, also in Montana. And Lisa Souza. And New Hue Handspun.

  2. Thanks, Mokihana, for the suggestions! I will definitely have to check them out.

    Yes, I know I scored, but it took a lot out of me! 🙂

  3. Such an interesting observation of yourself on the “indie” consumerism. I do think it’s a hell of a difference than buying cheap, mass-produced crap, but I see what you’re saying. Especially if it’s actually stressing you out. There’s got to be a better way… or at least better-accessible fibers?

  4. I do have some thoughts on indie consumerism in general that I may post soon. But with regards to my own responses to these sales, I’m trying to deal with this by preparing to learn how to dye the fibers myself. Will probably start that when we return to PDX.

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