Rockin’ Whorl Spinning Club

I have always been a fan of Blue Moon Fiber Arts, a local (when I lived in Portland) indie dyer with the most amazing color combinations. If I had to pinpoint an “Aha!” moment as a beginning knitter, it would be when I picked up a skein of their wonderful sock yarns off the shelves from Twisted and realized how full of possibilities that single skein contained. There were so many unexpected color combinations that I suddenly telescoped into the future and saw all the awesome projects that I could make. I loved the playfulness and craftsmanship that went into the dyeing of each skein. Ever since then, I’ve been inspired to learn as much about the various dimensions of this craft. And boy, is there a lot to learn.

That is why when I found out about Blue Moon Fiber’s new fiber club, I knew I had to join. (Thankfully, V is so supportive of my interest. I know that sometimes my spinning and knitting gets in the way of clean dishes and folded laundry, but I only ever have to ask once before he gives me the OK to spend piles of money on what are essentially road-blocks to happy housekeeping. He is truly a good man.)

I’ve never been a part of a fiber club before, so I don’t know if this is typical of clubs. But, what I am also excited by is the different skills that will be emphasized with the different blends each month. This totally appeals to the structured way I like to learn things–the methodology at the heart of my madness.


4 thoughts on “Rockin’ Whorl Spinning Club

  1. Thank you for visiting my blog! I am also in that club! Can’t wait to spin it on my spindles..
    I am in the process of buying my first wheel. I also loove soulemama’s blog

    • I really enjoyed your blog and totally share in the amazement of working with all this beautiful fiber. I’m such a huge fan of soulemama and am in awe of how she lives such a creative life though the reality is that I’m afraid of farm animals, I can only handle one kid at a time, and my thumb is more brown than green.

      Do you know what you’re going to do with your Prism yet? I’m still at the drooling phase.

      Good luck with buying your first wheel. How exciting. I got my first wheel off of ravelry and I spin virtually every day.

      • YAY! What kind of wheel is yours? I am still shopping around for one. I’ve been making a blanket with my handspun and I will add Prism to it! I aspire to live a creative life 🙂

  2. My first wheel that I got off of ravelry is a Louet Victoria. I had tried it in a spinning class and liked how easy it was to use. It is a flyer-led, and I liked how simple and portable it was especially as I was still learning how to spin and could bring it to my spinning class. The wheel is small so you do end up having to peddle a lot, and working a Victoria in my “formative” spinning days (which was oh so long ago, like last November!) has meant that my “default” treadling speed is quite fast. Earlier this spring, I was just casually checking out craigslist when I saw a Matchless for an incredibly low price that was too good to ignore. I still pinch myself that I was able to get it. So, now that I have a Matchless, I do most of my spinning on that. It is definitely more responsive and has a ton of options. Now, my daughter uses the Victoria and I’m teaching her how to spin!

    Can’t wait to see what you do with the Prism!

    On a different note, what is your discipline and what is your dissertation on? I read that you were working on a dissertation. I tried to comment, but for some reason blogger is not liking me and keeps asking me to type in the code. I wrote a dissertation on Asian American and Asian Canadian literature many years ago. I’m still working in literature but I’m more interested in comparative ethnic studies.

    I also aspire to a creative life, but it is increasingly becoming obvious that mine does not extend to cooking and gardening and involves living in apartments overlooking freeways! 🙂

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