Multnomah Memories


This is one of the first knitting projects I embarked on. It is a shawl designed by Kate Ray called Multnomah.  I started it back when we lived in Multnomah County, and I was still learning about YO and k2tog. But then, I hit a snag, and it went into hibernation until I could face unraveling my mistakes.  When I finally finished it last week, it became an object of nostalgia in more ways than one. I love the undulations of this feather and fan pattern, and the colors of this Noro Kureyon sock yarn remind me of waves lapping the Oregon coast.

Little A was patient enough to model for me. After a while, she insisted on wearing the shawl her own way:

IMG_3206     IMG_3213     IMG_3202

IMG_3218     IMG_3219     IMG_3216

I can’t wait to start on another project that makes use of Noro. Noro yarns seem to be something you love or hate. Some don’t like the crazy color combinations or the rough texture. I like that it pushes me to try colors that I normally would not wear. And, there is definitely a rustic quality to this yarn. It is thick and barely spun in some places while thin and taut in others.  I love yarn that does not let me forget its origins–whether it is the bit of vegetable matter that you encounter or the knot in the middle of a skein. Knitting is about submitting to the temporality of the stitch and the incremental accumulation of those stitches. You can’t love knitting without having a sense of history and time passing, even if it is simply acknowledging that the shawl that wraps around your daughter was once a ball of yarn in your closet.


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