Cheery Cherry Blossom


IMG_3302     IMG_3304     IMG_3333

This is Pigeonroof Studio’s superwash merino in “Cherry Blossom.” It is 4.4 oz, 2-ply and 459 meters. Little A picked this colorway out. I love the hint of blue here–an unexpected hue that reminds me of a spring sky peeking through the laced patterns of a cherry tree in bloom. This is not the first time I’ve spun SW merino, but somehow there is a particular bounce and volume to this that compels me to squeeze it. Constantly. As I put the yarn in the hot water bath to set it, I was amazed by how quickly and how much water it absorbed.

After its hot bath, however, the colors ran a quite bit, erasing the large sections of white and touches of blue that had been there. I still love the result though. Now the contrast between the colors is less dramatic and there is a peachy glow to the entire skein.

I don’t usually use the word “sumptuous” because it triggers bad flashbacks to the cheesy 80s show, Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, but this yarn just might make me do it.


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