Yarn Crawl Hero


Thank you, V, for being my Yarn Crawl Hero. Even though you find my fiber obsession weird and totally incomprehensible, you:

  • willingly spent your day off to drive me around the Hill Country of Texas in a baby-blue Subaru.
  • greeted everyone you met with an enthusiastic, “Are you a crawler?” as if you worked at the store.
  • tried to show how “down” you were by breaking out some yarn puns.
  • were unperturbed by the fact that you did not encounter another male on the entire crawl.
  • looked after Little A as she darted around the stores or when she got impatient.
  • played along by squeezing different skeins to “feel how squooshy they are.”
  • never once asked me to hurry it up or to make up my mind.
  • paid for everything without complaint since my new debit card had not arrived yet.
  • only got slightly annoyed when I mixed up my “right” and “left” and led us in the opposite direction of where we wanted to go.

I love you, V. You make life sparkle. Your scarf is coming up next. Wait till you feel how squooshy it is.


3 thoughts on “Yarn Crawl Hero

  1. Way to go, V! You are proof positive that good men are not afraid of fibre or their wives’ late night obsessions that may not involve you.

    And, M, your love poem in return is melty-lovely like a chocolate kiss. So good to see you guys so happy…and so incredibly overdressed in the heat! Your creations are coming along beautifully. Love the toque and the cowl necky thing.

    Stoke your passion! X

  2. Ha ha! There’s very little that he is afraid of. We’re talking about a guy who grew a mustache, then donned a tank top and tight jeans, lip-synched to Queen and paraded on a stage in a club pretending to be Freddy Mercury. I think the only thing he is afraid of is not having an audience!

    Thanks for the compliments, VAW! I’m definitely having way too much fun with this. xox

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