Mere mortal

I should know better than to boast about my “moderation and restraint” when it comes to yarn buying. “What arrogance! What hubris!” the Yarn Gods must have thought. They decided to humble me by announcing a 40% sale off of everything at the Old Oaks Ranch, which is sadly closing its doors. The next morning, I found myself playing hookey, bombing down the curved roads of the Hill Country and driving more than an hour to get to Wimberley, where I  was rendered helpless like a little child. With a credit card.

As I pulled up, there was an older gentleman lounging in the shade presumably waiting for his wife or partner who was shopping inside.

“Some people will go far for a yarn sale,” he drawled. Yes, I admitted, totally ashamed. “I drove from San Antonio.”

It was only later that I realized we still had our Oregon license plate.

Here is my (ahem) punishment: a mountainous pile untethered to a pattern, plan or project.

Quelle horreur! (Or, as VAW more aptly puts it, Quelle hoarder!)



3 thoughts on “Mere mortal

  1. Quelle hoarder! You may need a second bedroom soon! The green and blues are lovely but I’m thinking your homespun produces nicer results…a la inviting homemade cookie dough versus perfect bakery cookies.

    Somebody at my office shares your mania and is spinning/knitting up a storm for a fundraiser. I have commissioned her to knit me a cowl in “autumn maple”. She is using a very tight stitch (yes, i know, my technical knowledge is amazing). I saw a corner of my new cowl on her desk and am thinking it will be a very hot neckwarmer but what do I know! I shall have faith. I live in Canada, after all.

    • Quelle Hoarder! I like it! I’ll have to add it to the post!

      I still owe you a cowl, which I will have for you this Christmas! Since it is light and airy, you can switch out when the other one gets too warm.

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