Parallel Lines

IMG_3808   What I need to read.

IMG_3813   What I would rather read.

Lately I’ve been torn between my work and my hobby. When I am trying to read theory, all I can think about is how much I would rather be knitting or reading about knitting. Then, I spiral into wondering what I’m doing with my life. Maybe it’s all a part of a mid-life crisis intensified by this move to San Antonio.

When I confided to my friend S about my mid-life crisis, she mentioned that she recently had a similar conversation with her friends about how–when they were struggling with their writing–they found themselves training for a marathon or learning to swim. But rather than describe this as a conflict, she described it as a parallel activity, one that is not in competition with the writing, but somehow aligned.

I’m taking comfort in these words. I’m not sure where my writing is going to take me, but for now, I’m going to embrace this ambivalence. After all, parallel lines travel in the same direction even if they never meet.


2 thoughts on “Parallel Lines

  1. I totally feel the same way lately! I’ve been very torn between my web design work and my fiber work. I have to do the web design to make a decent living, but I’d rather just knit or spin all day. I think it’s mostly because after working on a computer all day, I really need to do something tangible with my hands. Maybe it’s my mind and body trying to find a balance in my activities… or like you said, maybe just a mid-life crisis. 😉

    • I can relate to the need to work with my hands. My job is similar to yours in that I’m in front of the computer a lot. I’m really hoping that it is my body intuitively seeking out something to balance the abstract and disembodied work that I do everyday. It is cheaper and less dramatic than a mid-life crisis. 🙂

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