Neither created nor destroyed

edited poncho

There is a photo of me, circa 1977 Vancouver, wearing a red, white and black striped poncho crocheted by my mom. I’m standing in the front yard with my little brother. It is our first spring in Canada, and the misted colors of the Pacific Northwest–gray, green, gold and brown–seem inseparable from the glow that nostalgia casts over such images from the past.

When I outgrew the poncho, my mother unraveled it and used the yarn for another project.  I would not be surprised if the yarn still remains, rewound into tight little balls and tucked into a dark corner of her closet, quietly dreaming of its new incarnations.


Madeline Tosh DK in “Charcoal”

Pattern: Easy Folded Poncho


4 thoughts on “Neither created nor destroyed

    • Thanks! I love it and it goes with everything!! But it was extremely boring to knit, I have to admit. It’s basically one huge oblong.

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