IMG_7076Though I casted on last summer, I actually began this sweater over a year ago. The yarn was one my earlier spins, a 3-ply sport weight yarn spun on my Louet Victoria. This was back when I didn’t take any records, so I have no recollection of when I began the project and how many yards I spun.  Still, it is good snapshot of an earlier self because you can trace my inexperience along the yarn’s erratic diameter.

The sweater also languished for a while in my knitting basket because of a few errors that I couldn’t face fixing.  It’s finally done, and I couldn’t be happier. And it looks like Little A is rather pleased too, though trying to take pictures of her is like asking a humming bird to hold still.

IMG_7034    IMG_7057    IMG_7036

IMG_7046    IMG_7035    IMG_7043

IMG_7044    IMG_7060     IMG_7089

Snapshot of our expressive, loving and kooky kid who will only be five and a half year old once:

  • Her favorite colors are pink, purple, red and blue.
  • Has an ambivalent relationship with Santa; is scared of him but like his gifts.
  • Thinks that a quarter, 3 nickels, a dime and a penny equal 10 cents.
  • Virtually all her drawings include hearts, rainbows, unicorns and princesses.
  • Loves pedaling super fast on her bike.
  • Wants to be a horse rider, a bike mechanic and a mom when she grows up.
  • Enjoys word play, puns, and jokes– just like dad.
  • Caring and attentive to little animals.
  • Wants a little brother named Diego.


Sweater details:

Elizabeth Sweater designed by Georgie Hallam. Her patterns are always well-written and incredibly thorough. This is a top-down sweater with a bit of cabling that transitions into lace.  This was an easy lace knit (despite my recurring problems with row counting), and it didn’t take too long to memorize the stitch pattern.

Handspun 3-ply sport-weight yarn made up of merino wool top (8 oz) in “Coral” from Pacific Wool and Fibers and superfine merino (3 oz) in “Lipstick” from Opulent Fibers. This was a serendipitous combo as Little A chose both colors on different occasions and they happened to match. She obviously knows what she likes. And even though I spun this yarn without a project in mind, I was lucky that I had enough yardage for this sweater.


9 thoughts on “Snaphots

  1. Wow! It’s SO gorgeous! Well done! And “A” is such a ham! A very cute ham. 😉 It’s fun to see her again, and to hear all about her growing up self. Mae is really into counting money right now too. I wish she liked sweaters, so I could be tempted to make one like this for her too. 🙂

  2. Great job on the sweater! I really like the lace stitch pattern, and I’m always crazy impressed with spinners who can spin enough for a larger project in one go! I tend to stall out at 4 ounces. Your photos of your daughter paint a great picture of a funny, creative, sweet kiddo! I was impressed with her ingenuity and moxie in figuring out how to make glue, too – that is really inspiring. : )

    • Thanks! That lace pattern was fun to really fun to knit. You know, I’m the same way. I get a little overwhelmed by anything more than 4 oz. With this sweater, I didn’t plan on spinning for a sweater. The only reason I was able to do so is because I tricked myself. I spun in 4 oz increments without any plan. Before I knew it, I realized that I ended up with quite a bit of yarn. It’s also an accident that I had enough for this sweater pattern!

      As for the kiddo, she is definitely the brightest light in our life!!! 🙂

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