Growing up swatchless

This is a Little Sister’s Dress that I knit very early on in my knitting frenzy. I must not have done a swatch because it took Little A two years to grow into it. And, there is still definitely a lot more room to grow!


In fact, this was so big that I could even wear it as a top. But, I’ll spare you these photos. Sassypants is way more adorable than tired middle aged mom.



IMG_7122This sweater dress has been in storage for a while, as you can see from the deep creases and wrinkles on this dress, but we finally pulled it out so that Little A can wear it before it gets too hot again.

I’m just glad that it was too big as opposed to too small. Suffice to say, now I definitely swatch.

The yarn is Little Red Bicycle Penny Farthing Sport in “Tulip.” Sadly, I think Little Red is no more.




2 thoughts on “Growing up swatchless

  1. Love it! I would totally wear that as a top. I’m terrible at swatching myself… I usually just do it on the go… or only an inch or so if I’m really unsure. Too bad they don’t make that colorway anymore… it’s very pretty.

    • It is a pretty cute top, but I look like a cupcake in it!!

      I used up three skeins, which should have been a sign that this dress was going to be a “tad” big. Now I’ve become a compulsive swatcher, making a swatch that is sometimes 5-6 inches wide.

      Yes, it’s sad that they don’t make this colorway anymore. There are bits of purple and dark pinks here as well. Very pretty.

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