There is folly in loving your creations just a bit too much.

As this scarf was being blocked, I found myself checking in on it every five minutes just so that I could run my hands on the damp silky knit and admire its waves of delicate stitches. I tried lying down on it to feel it against my cheek, but I poked myself with a blocking pin. Later, I tripped and bent the blocking wire. Eventually, I had to remove myself from the apartment just so that I could be a normal productive human being and concentrate on the grading and writing I needed to do.

I love this scarf in all its various metamorphoses–when it was still a beautifully dyed silky braid from Wooly Wonka and then as it transformed into a glimmering skein of gold and pinks. And as it knitted up into warm puffy ripples, I was almost tempted to leave it unblocked. Now that it has been blocked, I love how airy and light it is. This was also the first time I tried this scrunch stitch, which is the same on both sides and perfect for scarves. Though this pattern is based on the waved shawl pattern by Carol Beckerich, it was only after having read Lynne Barr’s Reversible Knitting, a creative collection of stitch patterns and funky unexpected patterns, that I got the confidence to play and make some modifications.

IMG_7599     IMG_7589     IMG_7620

IMG_6762     IMG_5402     IMG_4687

I’m definitely a hot-weather girl, but this scarf made me long for the grey windy days of the Pacific Northwest.


6 thoughts on “Folly

    • Thanks so much, Anne! It’s your beautiful braid that started it all!! It was one of those projects that I couldn’t stop working on–from beginning to end. Usually I spin something and then the skein sits in my stash for a long time. But with this, I couldn’t wait to knit it up. It’s so soft and luxurious!!

  1. So beautiful!!! I totally relate to wanting to touch my work while it’s drying… or at other inappropriate times. Lately I’ve been doing some experimental spinning and sneaking the swatches into my bag to bring to work… just to see how they feel during the day… and to give my fingers a break from only touching plastic all day.

    • Thank you!

      I LOVE that you have been sneaking swatches into your bag!! That is so completely wonderful!! And, of course, it’s also inspiring me to do the same. Ha ha! I hope you’ll share some of your experimental spinning and swatches on your blog. I would love to see them.

      • I’ve been meaning to blog about a few different things… I’ve even got photos saved up… but I’ve had so little extra energy lately, I’d rather spend it on spinning and knitting. 😉

      • I hear you on not having extra energy these days! 🙂 I’m the same way. I’ve been knitting a lot (less so spinning), but I’m totally behind on updating my blog.

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