Oh, You.

Out there in internet land. If only you could feel how soft this is.


You, too, would wear it in 80 degrees weather,



Rub it against your husband’s face, gushing, “Isn’t it sooooo soft???”


And when he shrinks away from the shawl in his face,


You know he secretly wishes he had one of his own.


Pattern: Boneyard Shawl by Stephen West

Handspun yarn: Pigeonroof Studio’s “Tangerine Dream” in 85 polworth/15 silk blend. The braid was split length-wise down the middle into two, and then spun across the top of each section. This is a 2-ply yarn in fingering weight.


5 thoughts on “Soft

    • Thanks! My spinning has improved though I find that somehow, when knitting, all the bumps and uneveness become a lot less visible. I definitely am still a beginning spinner!

      When we return to PDX, you’re welcome to feel it! 🙂

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