Plied at last

In preparation for our move back to Portland, I felt compelled to spin as much fiber as I could. You know, uh, cuz fiber is so heavy.

I didn’t ply my singles, however, because I wanted to let the singles relax a bit before plying them together. So when we got home, I found myself plying like a madwoman. We haven’t completely unpacked yet so I don’t have all my notes on these recent spins. Oh well.


Nest Fiber Club, “Primavera” in superwash merino. Chain-plied.


This is Hello Yarn’s “Slither” in BFL/silk. This was spun fractally and loosely plied.


This is from A Verb for Keeping Warm in “Octotillo.” One piece was superfine merino, and the other was 80% merino/20% silk. We stopped off at this store in Oakland on our way home. Most of it is a two-ply, and the grapey purple is the leftover, which I then chain-plied. More details about our visit to this awesome store later.


9 thoughts on “Plied at last

    • Thank you! There’s a great video on youtube put out by Sarah Anderson that was really useful. That’s how I learned to do it. I’m still getting the hang of it, but the key for me was to use a big whorl so I slow it down.

      As for spun fractally, I split the the roving into two strips. I then took one of the strips and split it into eight thin strips. I’ll spin the one strip across the top into a single and then spin the eight thin strips into one long single. Fractally spun refers to a particular way of creating color striping, which in my case, will result in a yarn where there is eight color strip repetitions plied with one long repeat. I hope that made sense!

      Here’s a great explanation–way better than mine:

      As for plans, I am thinking of knitting the BFL/Silk combo into a scarf–the claptois: I’m knitting a scarf right now using the merino/merino/silk combo but I have no plans for the bright colored one yet. Maybe a hat…

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