Roadtrip snapshots


It is autumn in Portland already, and the trees that line our daily drive to work and back have started deepening into yellows, oranges and reds. We’ve unpacked and settled into the routine of life in the Pacific Northwest. Our time in the Southwest feels far away and long ago.

I began this shawl, designed by Anne Podlesak of Wooly Wonka Fiber, just as we headed off on our three-week road trip home, and it’s become the link that connects our present in Oregon to our past in Texas. I will always think of theses colors as inseparable from the landscape of the Southwest and the places that we visited on our way back.






Sometimes we rely on images to preserve special moments. Sometimes we preserve memories in other forms.



9 thoughts on “Roadtrip snapshots

    • Thank you!! We’ve been super busy trying to unpack and get settled, and so I’m really behind with my posts. Hence, my summer pics! 🙂

    • Thanks! I love that the shawl has continued on its travels–even without me. I nearly titled this post, Road trip Stratocaster to refer to its ongoing tour! 🙂

    • Thank you, Cindy! We definitely miss the expansive southwestern sky and the breathtaking landscape. We are also happy to be back in PNW. 🙂

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