Handspinning Jag

I work in spurts, moving back and forth between intensive knitting and intensive spinning. I’m now in the thick of knitting, but I wanted to share some recent spins that I’m now furiously transforming into sweaters and hats. IMG_4631

IMG_4635This kaleidoscope of pinks, oranges, and purples is from Two If By Hand in “Indian Summer.”  It is a mix of merino, cashmere and nylon, and it is probably one of my favorite color combinations at the moment. It is being turned into a Kina baby sweater right now, and it is gloriously stretchy and strong. While I was plying this into a two-ply, I nearly cut my finger because the yarn was so thin and strong. This would have made decadent socks because of the hard-wearing nylon and the cashmere. This skein is 268 meters.


IMG_4644Nest Fibers never disappoint. Gorgeous colors and fabulous prep, which make for really enjoyable spinning. This is 2-ply organic polwarth skein is “Fernweh” from the October 2014 installment of the Nest Fiber Club. It is a worsted weight yarn that I’m going to make into a hat for V. He doesn’t get a lot of handspun because I’m usually drawn to colors that he doesn’t feel comfortable sporting up at the Veterans Hospital where he works, and so the moment I saw this fiber in the mail, I knew it was going to be for him. (As an aside, he wants me to state that he has no problems with his masculinity and to let y’all know that he recently wore one of my purple cowls to work. However, he did have to field a lot of questions about “cowls” and what they were.)

IMG_4661These monster skeins are from Blue Moon Fiber Art Sock Sheep to Shoe Kit, a large 8.5 oz bag of super wash merino. I got this kit from the woman who sold me her Matchless on craigslist back in the spring of 2013. I’ve been pretty much working on this ever since! The packaging didn’t state what color way this is, but I think it is “Twinkle Twinkle Little Vampire.” I decided to spin this fiber into a 3-ply but I spun each single so thinly that I was overwhelmed. It hibernated for a long while. Now that I’m finished, it is really satisfying to just grab these skeins and squeeze them!

IMG_4668This largest skein is 555 meters. I ran out of space on my bobbin and had to ply onto another bobbin. The smaller skein of regular 3-ply is 274 meters. I still had quite a bit left over on my two other bobbins (this was before I started weighing my fiber), and so I decided to chain-ply the rest. IMG_4665This resulting chain-ply is 214 meters. I love how different the effects are, and I’m hoping that the beauty of this fiber will help me overcome my dislike of sock knitting.

IMG_4658This last skein is from Three Fates Yarn, which is based out of Salem, OR. I purchased this super wash merino at the Flock and Fiber Festival this past fall though I know that they also sell Three Fates Yarn at Twisted, my favorite yarn store.  I loved the cheerful color combination and was looking for something I could spin to donate to Little A’s school. A lot of the children in her class are learning to knit, and I wanted them to be able to work with fiber that had energy and life. This two-ply is 174 meters.


11 thoughts on “Handspinning Jag

  1. They are all so beautiful!!! Makes me itchy to spin something colorful again soon. It was so great to see you guys tonight and get some chatting time in. “Knitters unite”! 😉

    • Thank you!! I’m a sucker for bright colors, though after seeing your current project, I’m excited to spin some natural undyed fibers!! It was really wonderful to see you and chat! “Knitters Unite” is right!! 🙂

  2. Gorgeousness, I’m impressed with your two-plies. I loved spinning that Nest colorway, too, and Twisted is also my favorite shop. I make the guys stop there (well, they go to the bagel shop on the corner) every time we’re in Portland.

    • Thanks for the kind words, Cindy! I love Nest and was so relieved when Jen finally offered a fiber club. Those shop updates were too stressful!! Isn’t Twisted great? I don’t live near it anymore but I still drive across town to get my supplies.

    • Thanks! I love these colors too! I’m in the process of knitting the Nest skein into a hat. Really fun to see the colors come together.

      • Is Nest fibre worth the trouble? Unless I subscribe to rss feed, there is no way I can know (no email shop update!) when the store is open for business. I kind of want to try their girly, cheerful colors.

      • Yes it totally is!! It is one of my absolute favorites. There happens to be a shop update tomorrow (exact time listed on the site). There will be previews later today. Be warned–some of them go fast, though now that there is a club they don’t all completely disappear in 5 mins. It was a tremendous relief when Jen of Nest started the club. Now I get my fix from the club and avoid the shop updates altogether. It was too stressful. Of course, I still love checking out the previews.

      • I don’t know how that “club” thing works. There is no information on the Nest website. Is it like a three-month deal, like many other clubs out there? How to score nest fiber is a mystery to me.

      • If you go to the Nest Fiber website now, you will see what is available for this upcoming shop update, which is at 2pm MST. Some of this stuff goes quick! As for the fiber club, yes, it is a 3-month deal. I get all my info from the Nest Fiber group on Ravelry, but if you PM Jen at Nest Fiber for more info, she’s usually good about getting back to you. I think the next club renewal period is coming up soon as Dec will be the last installment of this round of club membership.

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