I could totally knit that…


Ever since I started knitting more regularly, my relationship with store-bought knits has taken a nosedive. We were already having some communication issues, namely their refusal to be loose in areas I need them to be loose and tight in areas I need them to be tight. Now that I have more in my knitting repertoire beyond stockinette and garter stitches, we are no longer on speaking terms.  Whenever I see knits on display, my smug response is, “I could totally knit that.” Mass-produced sweaters seem more flimsy and poorly made. Plus, they’re cold and impersonal. Why buy something I can make myself? I could totally knit a warm, colorful and durable sweater that has the distinction of being made with love. Yes, I could totally knit that and do it better.

This attitude, however, does have a down side.

The truth is, though I have the ability, I don’t necessarily have the time. Now that the weather is colder and V and Little A are forced to venture out hatless or mittenless while awaiting prophesized knits, my DIY, anti-consumerist, mother-earthing ethos is starting to look like stubborn idiocy and misguided cruelty.

I have been promising V a hat for weeks. He walks a good mile from the bus stop to work in the chilly morning hours. But, with my current piles of grading, I have only been able to knit a few rows or inches a night. I had bragged that I could finish this brier toque in two days. Caught up by my over-confidence, he even assured his bus driver, a sweet maternal older lady who pays attention to these things, that he will be warmly dressed soon. And yet, each morning, when she pulls up and he comes running up into the warm belly of the bus, she asks, “When is this hat going to be ready?”


There’s nothing like the mild disapproval of a bus driver to spur on your knitting. All I can say is that this hat is going to get done. Even if it kills me a little.


The other day V asked about mittens, but I told him that he was going to have to wait. There’s a queue. My fingers are freezing.

Fiber: Nest Fiber Club, “Fernweh” October 2014 (organic polwarth), worsted spun 2-ply.


4 thoughts on “I could totally knit that…

  1. You can do it! Especially the little items first. And as for those warm clothing layers that will take longer? Why not pick up a few high-quality, hand-me-down worthy ones at the store? My rule for buying clothes now is “if I don’t make it, it has to be worth buying.”

    • Thanks for the encouragement, Hannah! Yes, I just need to break it down and tackle the smaller items first. I like your rule for buying clothes–I’m going to have to use it! I am also feeling a lot of guilt these days about buying too many things. I need to balance buying necessities that we need now (and then marshal the energy to go and shop) with items that if I use my imagination or tweak a little, we can do without.

  2. Too funny! You totally sound like me… I’m equally overly ambitious about how much I can accomplish with knitting, especially this time of year, and then I end up staying up way too late trying to finish things and not really enjoying the process as much… which is the whole reason I work with fiber in the first place. Maybe “V” could wrap a couple of your beautiful skeins of yarn around his head and hands in the meantime? That would give the bus driver something to remember. 😉

    • OMG. You are too funny!! The thought of V with skeins on his head and the bus driver’s response made me laugh out loud! Turns out the bus driver is also a fiberphile and has “threatened” to bring some merino wool for V so that he can feel just how soft it is. Apparently they got into a discussion of various kinds of fibers and V made the mistake of saying that merino wasn’t that soft…! Now I kind of want to meet his bus driver…

      Also a sudden scary realization: Christmas is a little over four weeks away…!!

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