Outside my comfort zone continued…


The first photo of handspun I saw made me want to cry. It was a spiral of colors from ocean blue, green earth and sky blue, and flecked with bits of gold. It seemed to contain the world. Only much later did that I learned that it was spun from batts dyed and carded by the talented Lacey of Moonrover.

This is a series of firsts: first time spinning Moonrover, first time spinning a batt, and first time spinning using the long draw method to produce a thick and thin yarn. I loved pulling my hand back and feeling the back and forth of resistance and give, the spinning wheel my dance partner, and the batts unfolding tiny treasures of silk and sparkle as we went along.

IMG_4079     IMG_4274     IMG_4265

Moonrover Dark Side Batts #17 (superwash merino, superwash BFL, firestar, bamboo, faux cashmere,  sari silk, tussah silk noil, ecospun and angelina)