Spinning Fail

I had envisioned Little A running through our friend’s lilac farm, a bright yellow Easter egg basket in hand as she and her friends excitedly searched for Easter eggs.  She would have an extra big smile, proud that she was wearing a beautiful feather and fan lace sweater that her mother had spun and knitted for her.  She and I would both get lots of compliments–me, for my wonderful handiwork and her, for being so darn cute in it. The sweater would inspire others to learn to spin, and one by one, I would convert my friends, enfolding them into the warmth of the ever-widening unbroken spinning circle.

Instead, what I have is this: cotton candy trapped in a scouring pad. Beautiful colors, ugly everything else. It is what Little A would call “bugly.”


As is already obvious from my small swatch, this would be a prime example of the yarn not complimenting the pattern, among other things. It doesn’t help that I over-plied the Romney. I know that long wools need to be a little under-spun, but somehow, despite my best efforts, I still over did it. Right now I’m too lazy to run it through the spinning wheel in the opposite direction so I am on the lookout for projects that use bugly, stiff and scratchy barber pole yarn to great effect.