Ever since I discovered the moth infestation, I’ve been feeling thwarted and dejected. I’ve got three knitting projects that have stalled due to errors that I don’t feel up to fixing.  I have two spinning projects that are just languishing, and one of them I must finish because I need to free up some bobbins.  Even these photos of my February spins are blurry. Wah.


IMG_7188    IMG_7192    IMG_7201 The February slump is seeping into March, and I don’t have all that much to show for it. At this rate, I’m not going to make my goal of spinning 14lbs in 2014.

The details:

Far left is Hello Yarn Fiber: Limited Edition American Wool Top in “Ships and Whales and Iceberg” (2-ply, 4 oz, 165 meters). The top had pretty distinct and repeatable color shifts and so I divided it up to produce a gradient.

Middle and far right is Blue Moon Rockin’ Whorl Club: Mixed BFL (5 oz) and 50/50 Merino and Silk (3 oz) in “Sleepy Hollow.” The large skein is a 2-ply combination of the mixed BFL and 50/50 mix and the little one is the leftover 50/50 that I chain-plied.


IMG_3355IMG_3347 The term for it is “second sock syndrome”–the paralyzing condition that strikes you as you confront the fact that you will need to knit another item identical to the one that you have just finished.  If adequate containment measures are not taken, this condition can spread to other small tubular items such as sleeves, pant legs and leg warmers. It was awkward working the dpns the first time around, and now you have to do it again. Second sock syndrome leaves in its wake amputated projects longing for their phantom twins, taunting you with their pathetic singularity.

This is probably why I will not be joining in on the sock addiction, the mitten club or the long-sleeved sweater collective any time soon.

Good thing we live in Texas.